Good and outstanding ratings on the rise again, says Ofsted

Good and outstanding ratings on the rise again, says Ofsted

According to the latest figures release by education watchdog Ofsted, 89% of schools were rated at least ‘good’ in their latest inspection, this is up 5% on last year. It is noticeable though that the gap between primary and secondary school standards is widening.

Figures show that 90% of primary schools across the UK were rated ‘good’, compared to only 78% of secondary schools.

As a warning in his annual report for 2015/16, Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s chief inspector said there was a “growing geographical divide” in standards after primary school education had ended, mainly between the North, Midlands and South of England.

The latest statistics show that LEA primaries were more often marked as at least ‘good’ by inspectors, compared to academies which see state-funding and have control of their own budgets.

A total of 86% of Primary academies saw ‘good’ or ‘outstanding’ ratings, with 91% of local authority led primary schools taking home the same grade. Currently, around 80% of primaries in England are under LEA control.

“The increase in the proportion of good and outstanding schools is a direct result of the number of local authority primary schools improving from less than good to good or outstanding in 2015-16,” Ofsted said.

These stats cannot be ignored when they happen to coincide with a push by ministers for schools to become academies.

Malcolm Trobe, interim General Secretary of the Association of School and College Leaders, said: “The high proportion of schools judged good or outstanding reflects the enormous efforts being made across the country by dedicated school leaders and teachers in all phases.

“These outcomes are particularly impressive given that there is a crisis in teacher recruitment and retention, and severe funding pressures.

“We once again call on the government to urgently address these issues in order to ensure that schools have the resources they need to be able to continue to raise standards.”

How has your school been rated by Ofsted? Do you agree with academisation plans? Let us know in the comments section below.

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