NASBM becomes ISBL this month

NASBM becomes ISBL this month

School business leaders are under increased pressure due to changes in education policy over the last decade. Increases in school-level autonomy and a lessened role for LEAs means schools must find expertise from within to help manage complex operations, these are facts.

It is from this shift in the sector that the National Association of School Business Management (NASBM) has taken the decision to transition in to institute status and become; the Institute of School Business Leadership (ISBL).

With this new status, they aim to provide confidence to school business management leaders in the community by offering a framework of qualifications underpinned by professional standards. NASBM claim that this shift in status will not in any way affect the current range of core services and events that they offer to their members, simply that all future activity will now be intertwined with professional standards.

They believe that with increased levels of scrutiny for the role of the school business manager, the people working in the profession will now need to show continued development and a higher level of understanding as they play a more pivotal role in the education sector.

With 20 years of prior experience, NASBM has successfully allowed a diverse group of SBM professionals to engage in conversation around the profession and helped schools improve efficiencies in the process. With the sharing of challenges and successes, an effective community has been built and will continue to thrive under the new status.

With the Government’s withdrawal of sponsorship for the SBM qualifications programme at the National College, the ISBL will now fill this void and provide high-quality training. Overall the transition should provide great support to the sector with unions, the DfE and professional bodies all endorsing the move.

To find out more about NASBM and their new status as ISBL, you can go to their website. If you’re a NASBM member already, don’t forget to contact them about GLS’ member discount scheme.

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