Merry Christmas from GLS

Merry Christmas from GLS

Another year has almost gone by!

We just want to take a moment to say a massive thank you to our loyal customers including those new customers who’ve joined us this year too! We sincerely hope we’ve given you the products and service that you truly deserve.

In a huge year of change, we’ve reduced over 800 products online by up to 30% – an investment of over £4 million back in to our customers. This isn’t a one-time thing though and you’ll continue to see this shift as you stick with us through 2018 and beyond. We realise that it’s our time to make a difference by trying to give you an oasis within the desert of stark education budgets and time constraints.

To save you time as well as money, our new website was implemented in May 2017. Feedback since then has been extremely positive and our customers are now finding that shopping online with us is now much simpler.

Along with the ease of online shopping, we have created our own solution: WebFMS. With this tool, our customers can link their financial management system directly through the GLS website, saving them up to 80% of their admin time in the process of ordering products! Again, feedback for this has been positive and one of our WebFMS advocates was keen to let everyone know how much time and money they are saving.

This year, we were also one of the first in the education supplies market to implement a price comparison tool on our website. Much like the major supermarkets, we can now adjust our prices to beat the competition – therefore, we always give our customers the lowest price online and save them time from manually shopping around too.

Once again, we appreciate that you’ve chosen to trust us to supply your establishment and you can rest assured – your feedback and support coupled with our passionate team at GLS, will help us to continue improving on all fronts in 2018!

Have a well-earned, fantastic Christmas break.

Chris Mahady

Managing Director of GLS Educational Supplies

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